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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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maybe. >> no, i'm ready for rain. >> you no, i think we all are. we need it really bad. we'll get it, but maybe not late sunday north bay. but for everyone today into saturday. good to go here. you upper 70s and low to mid 80s. santa rosa. forty-nine nasa -- pa -- napa. palo alto upper 40s. same for santa rosa. the oakland airport was 49. alamo is in the host. danville. a little breeze holding black hawk up. fifty-five in la fayette. a big difference on some of these temperatures. the system is moving out of arizona slowly. it's moving towards new jersey. that is the source
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of this freeze. they have had so my. as it moves away from us, that will allow the freeze to tail off. it will die off today and tomorrow. eighty toss the interior 70s around the bay. here he is. mr. sal castenedo on a friday. >> happy friday to you. we are looking at a commute. it does look pretty good. it's going to start off with the e east shore freeway and take a look at that. the traffic does look good as you head out. no major problems, by the way, coming through there. also looking t aa commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see traffic is light. usually at about 5 to -- 5:30 is when we start to see the first signs. sometimes on friday, that is a little bit later. at least we're hoping that. if you are driving on some of the other commutes, we promise to look at marin county. let's go back to marin county. traffic is moving apretty well on southbound 101. 50:21. let's go back to the desk.
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investigations in palo alto. a dozen people at a hotel became sick, and it's blamed on a suspicious odor. alex savi whyen dge. you're there. what is the latest on how those people are doing? >> good morning to you. twelve people became sick because of some sort of irritant in the parking garage here at the weston hotel on el, whye amino real. everyone who got sick was take on the the hospital. eight people went over to stanford medical center. another four people were transforted to el camino u. we don't have updates on the conditions, but the palo alto fire department was called out just after 9:00 last night. 911 callers reported a suspicious odor coming from the parking garage. crews checked for the source of the irritant. they did find pool equipment stored in t garage, but none of those containers were leaking. up. we went down there with air
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monitoring system and pet strips. and we took readings on both of those. you we took pictures. we're not able to find anything that was out of the ordinary. >> while firefighters. were told to take shelter. hazmat crews checked the entire building. they could not figure out where that odor was coming from. they do believe it has dissipated and everything reopened just after midday. >> and alex surge avidge. a dentist with a long-time. accused of drug trafficking in new york city. bryan flores is in our newsroom with the allegations facing this dentist. >>reporter: sixty-three-year- old jerome white encolonels marijuana users to be his patient.
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he's posted several videos about his san francisco practice. >> i'm dr. white from mission dental health. i'm doing a series. >>reporter: whites has been a dentist for 33 years. his attorney tells the new york daily news that white is a distinguished member of the san francisco community who has done a lot of good for others during his lifetime. police and prosecutors tell a different story. whites was arrested on wednesday. investigators seized $10,000 in cash and packaged bags of marijuana. authorities accuse him of shipping 20 to 30 pounds of pot to, no new york each month. on his website, white refers to medical cannibus use and periodontal disease. now, bail for white was set at $75,000.  the daily news also reports that his son pleaded guilty in june on a charge of selling marijuana. his son is currently serving a year's sentence. >> pam, back to you. >> all right, thank you,
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bryan. well, back here in the bay area, san m arcto sheriff deputies aring looing for three young men missing from a juvenile camp. hat about 11:30 last night, three latino males who walked away from san francisco camp. they walked away without permission. they may be in the -- they are likely wearing burgan justice of the peace dy sweatshirts, white shirt. you if you see them, adopt try to stop them. instead, you should call t 11. 5:05. a in you approach to crime-fighting is working. the police department just released a new stats showing both violent crime and property crimes are down compared to last year. the police chief says the officers are aggressively getting criminals off the streets and that arrests are up 17% over last year. burglaries were down from 991 in the first nine months of last year to f 81 in the same period this year.
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robberies dropped from 236 to 203. had hads were town from six last year to five this year. fake fliers have been topping up claiming the city is trapping f ex-ral cats. the department of animal services. and ferel captains instead of tomorrow. for the owners of outdoor cats. there is no official city logo on it. the department of animal services says those fliers, those letters, they're fake. and that it does not plan to trap fere aal cats. last night, they gathered for a town hall meeting to hear about the rader's potential move to southern california. ktvu's noel walker was at the meeting where the raders owner put in his two cents. >> i promise you that we will be listening. u and you met them.
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i want them to meet you. the most passionate loyal fan base. >> mark davis. and you want it for free. >> alternating to stay and threats if the raders leave. >> with all due respect. if you think the grass is greener in socal and you chose to take the team there. and try to return here again. for at least the past six years every day. hundreds of hours. in this organization and people work in this organization trying to get something done here in oakland. >> malice aforethought of -- many of the comments were about fan support. >> does not go on family vacations. we purchase season ticket packages. >> we had your back for two
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years. do you have ours now? >> there were some contentious moments. >> the nfl has botched this whole process from years ago, not just from a few months ago. you have people at other's throats. you are pawns. >> there is nothing wrong in the bay area and there is nothing wrong with the east bay area. >> the feeling in the crowd. the raders and oakland belong together. oakland is the upcoming area and it is weird. you are a weird owner. >> and there is the oakland raders.
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walker reporting. >> and you respectives from the nfl yesterday before that town hall noting. the mayor tells us that the meeting was positive. she thinks that there is still some time and a way to get thed a arers to stay in oakland. a report that says public opinion has changed on whether same sex marriage is lowell. a new associated press poll says that for the first time, most personser the americans expect gay couples to be given marriage licenses even if there is a dispute over religious beliefs. this new poms finds 56% of americans think public servants should be required to issue those marriage licenses compared to 41% who oppose it. now, the opinion comes after kentucky clownty clerk ken davis refused to issue same sex marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs. she went to jail for denying -- deifying a court
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order. if you want to start the sugar rush early. ihop will start serving a special hallow bean treat for kids. sit free. ihop will be serving up some pancakes for 12 and under. there they are. it starts at 7:00 this morning until 10:00 tonight. you can feed all your kids for free. it comes with special halloween toppings. glazed strawberry. whipped cream. eight pieces of candy corn. the kids can decorate any bay you want. >> i like those candy corn teeth. >> candy corn. >> i know. >> did you ever stick them in your mouth and -- yes, i did. still ahead. cadillacing down on people who waste water during our drought. the prominent names. a new list ofling alleged big water users. including a former member of the golden state warrior. that is after an engine
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burst into flames. the investigation now underway. good morning p. we're looking at the east bay commute, and right now, traffic on highway 4 is a little bit slow. more on this commute coming up. >> ball-to-wall sunshine. we'll carry that into saturday. and changes are brewing for sunday into monday. ♪ ♪
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5 -- 5:13. why the engine of this plane caught fire on a runway in fort lauderdale, florida. a pilot on another plane saw fuel leaking from that boeing 76 p before one of the engines caught fire. it was a dynamic airlines flight. it was taxing for a flight to venezuela. there were more than 100 people onboard that plane. the passengers evacuated using emergency slides. at least 21 people were hurt. one of them seriously. >> we spent 30 to 40 seconds before they opened the door, and i can't speak for everybody else, but it was pretty nerve-racking the know that the door wasn't opening and know that something was on fire. >> the airport was closed for several hours after that fire. dozens of flights had to be canceled. more than 200 others were delayed. well, people who were on american airlines flight were delayed
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for about seven hours because of an unruly passenger. 150 people were onboard the flight and it took off from los angeles yesterday morning. shortly after take-off, a man walked into first class, refuseed to go back to his seat. now, police say he made several statements that alarmed people so the plane had to be diverted to phoenix, arizona. if crew members and passengers subdued that man until the plane landed. >> we got duct tape and hand cups and e with had to hold the guy in the seat and fasten his seatbelt and say if you get up, we're going to duct tape you together, and so we diverted to phoenix, and we got rushed by the phoenix police when we landed. >>reporter: now, police escorted that unruly passenger off the plane. passengers finally arrived in philadelphia about seven hours lit but they not there safe. new this morning, what l plater and target will be putting prices to bring in more shoppers as the holiday shopping season gets underway.
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walmart says its rollbacks will start on sunday, november 1s autopsy thousands of holiday offerings. deals are not just in the store. target has already announced it will match online prices with more than two dozen online competitors. finding enough drivers to get those holiday gifts to the stores is an increasing problem for trucking companies. the american trucking association says as many as 50,000 driver jobs will go unfilled by the end of this year. in many cases, companies are offering signing bonuses. the average trucker is four to p seven years old. trucking companies saying many older drivers are retiring. >> the young kids are more interested in the internet business through doesn't some to appeal to them. >> the lack of drivers has the trucking industry interested in self- driving trucks that are being rotated now. >> pam? >> it's scary u. it's expected to be several years before that technology is street legal and widely available. >> imagine seeing that in your
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rearview mirror. >> no. >> a big huge truck with no driver. i'm not ready for that. 5:16. sal is watching the trucks and the cars on the rod. >> and major problems going on. we're going to start with highway 24. you can see for yourself, the traffic here on highway 24 is off to a good start. it looks pretty good as you drive to the tunnel. and a trash -- antioch westbound 4 which is in antioch. a crash with the fire department rolling. as a matter of fact, they just canceled the fire, so that's good. that means perhaps the injuries aren't that severe. to the bay brim toll plaza, traffic is moving relatively well as you drive through here. i mentioned that crash. i'm going to put it up on the map to bring it home. westbound 4 just before eighth street. a couple of cars got into an accident. traffic is going to be a little bit
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slow, but the rest of contra costa county, the traffic there looks good. 5:17. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> sal, thank you u. >> you're welcome. >> we do have mostly clear skies here. maybe a little fog, but i don't know. yesterday some popped up. we'll keep an eye autopsy things. it looks pretty good today and tomorrow. not much. yesterday, flags were rustling pretty well. it looks like a decrease. higher elevation. the wind is still kicking up its heels. i am seeing a north/northeast breeze to 29 miles per hour. so some of that may translate down and you gave a little offshore. sunny for all. mild to warm. nice saturday and right into halloween. no issues for the trick or treaters. clouds increase sunday. low clouds for if the north. sunday afternoon and evening. for everybody, sunday night and monday. this will be cold on monday. not today. have a little please. and classic little lower. a little -- it's still pretty big. it's moving away for us. and that will allow the breeze to tail
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up later on. a breezy and blustery day. fortys for some. fiftys to 60s. half moon bay is 52. sixty-seven. low for brentwood. forty-nine for livermore. forty-nine in freemont. upper 40s ifer many on the peninsula as well. there must be a breeze. boulder creek is 46. yet other areas are 56. so a puff of a breeze. and southeast. and east, there's all over the place. it is favorable for easterly direction. here is where it is -- it won't be today. and that is going to all start to drive across us. it has a water trajectory which is good. it will pick up some moisture. it's looking good late sunday into monday. today, sunshine into saturday atz well. seventys and 80s all above average ifer this time of year. temperatures have been on that swing for a while. they are heading down after
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saturday. increasing clouds sunday. i was asked by my friend, john. so do you think that rain will show up for the radar game. i said no. i think it will come in after. they play 1:00 to 4:00. playing the jets. that's a big game. >> i think they're fine. sunday night and monday, we get rain. >> good to know. we'll be prepared ifer that monday morning commute. thank you, steven. 9:20 is the time. it's been a long name for congress. coming up in 15 minutes, we're going to take you live to washington d.c. for more on the budget deal that was approved just hours ago. >> first, there's a hospital. it's been closed since last year. the changes patients will see when it reopens today.
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six # rid floyd ray cook was gunned down in a shoot-out. officers have been looking for him since last saturday. he wounded a police officer during a traffic stop in tennessee. he was accused of firing a at trooper who tried to stop him. he was killed in a gun battle earlier this morn being two troopers and a u.s. marshal. >> we didn't know who he was. when you are searching in the dark, that's has been uneasy kneeling. given the make-up of this territory around here, i am grateful that no one else was injured. >> cook was a convicted rapist
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indicted on drug charges in july, and he failed to appear in august for an arraignment. time now is 5:23. a hospital supposed to close last year. it's going to reopen today with a new name. state regulators gave the okay for a sanoma west medical center to start accepting patients. they'll be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at # 15:00. the doors open for treatment at 10:00. the hospital was called palm drive hospital. it closed in april because of money problems. at minute straiters say the new hospital will be in better shape. negotiations are underway over hay possible drug company merger. allergin has been approached by pfizer. the maker of botox while pfizer is known for making things like viagara, lipitor and xanax. the merger would be the biggest corporate merger this year.
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allergin says these are just talks. there's no guarantee it will lead to a deal. nba star jeremy lin got more buzz about his buzz cut. his hair and the way he played on the court this week. the latest look at the former golden state warrior player. jeremy showed off his spiked mohawk between the season opener between the charlotte hornets and miami heat. one of the riders wondered what kind of product he used to make his hair stand up like that during the whole became. he called it a modern looing pretty good, jeremy. tonight's world series game is a must-win for the new york mets. they've got to win. it's one of the biggest stories of the big apple. here is new video taken over city field home ballpark of the mets. their backs are up against the law. they lost the first two games of the series to the kansas city royals. don't forget you can watch game three right here.
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ktvu fox 2. first we have our news at 4:00 which you will watch followed by the pregame show at 4:30. the first pitch is a little after 5:00 p.m. shocking new information about a registered sex offender. what police say they have uncovered about the man and his work with boys. plus, an investigation underway this morning to figure out the source of a suspicious odor that made a dozen people sick at this palo atlo -- alto hotel last night. where that was found coming up. >> right now in the east bay, southbound 680 looks good passing mission and heading down toward san jose. >> a wide variety of low temperatures. some are in the 40s. others this are in the 60s. we will have sunshine and warmer temperatures for some.
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seventys for some. eightys for some. mid 80s for a few.
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friday, october 30th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. we're going to be changing the clocks back. we check in with steve. >> steve, i have known you about 15 yores. that's okay. that's okay. -- years. beth. oh, pam, i'm sorry. >> i that but you gave her eminems. >> i know. it was so cute. >> it was. >> we talked about our
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favorite candy. i try to stay away from them. >> and mr. clark, yours is? >> nestle's crunch. >> he cannot narrow it down to one though. >> i had three or four really good ones. nestle's crunch. >> and the snicker's. >> okay, you two. we do have clear skies. that little fog that popped up in livermore and antioch. the lows are anywhere from 40s, 50s to 60s. not much of a breeze at the surface, but in the higher elevations about 29. 35 miles per hour. and i am seeing 29 miles per hour. no problem for halloween forecast. looks good. thank goodness it's not sunday night, because then we would have some problems. we will not have any today or tomorrow. maybe a little fog. but host, 50s, and 60s. forty-nine livermore e. 469 freemont. palo alto is in there. a lot of upper 40s. twenty-three in truckie (28 in south lake tahoe. how many changes starting sunday into monday. if you are heading up that way, you might want to get out
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on sunday. this system will be sweeping not over us late in the weekend into early under morn -- on monday. that is going to give us a big change. today, it's all about sunshine. breezy and warm. windy in some of the higher elevations, but 70s and also 8 0ás. very good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you. happy friday, steve. we aring looing at a commute here where traffic does look pretty good. if you are driving on many freeways. we're going to start with highway # because highway 4 near eighth street. they have a crash. it is take ago way one lane. traffic is backed up all the way out to -- well, i think for a smile. -- mile. could be backed up all the way to the bypass. westbound highway 4. after that, you can see on our road sensors here that traffic is looking good in pittsburg, bay point, concord. 680 from the venitia bridge all the way to walnut creek andened i don't. it looks good. that's that one thing we have in contra costa county that is causing slow traffic. live pictures. we go to the toll plaza. we have a little bit of slow traffic. you can tell on this friday, just a little better than normal.
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usually at 5:30, we have a bigger crowd. now we have some crowds in the fast lanes, in the casche lanes, i should say u. nothing more than that. we'll see what happens here. if you are driving on interstate 880, traffic looks good in both directions near the oakland coliseum. at 5:32, let's go back to the desk. now to our developing news in berkeley where there is a warning going out that some people may have been drugged at a fraternity party. now, the university is not saying which fraternity is involved or exactly when this happened, but uc police say one or more people have been victimized. now, they are recommending that anyone who thinks they were drugged should seek out medical treatment and consider filing a police report. our time is now 5:32. about a dozen people who became sick at a palo alto hotel complaining about a suspicious odor there. they are recovering. they're being treated this morning. ktvu fox 2 alex savidge is in palo alto with more about the investigation of what is going on out there.
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good morning. >> good morning to you. firefighters could never figure out what caused all of those people to get sick. a dozen people. they had difficulty breathing last night. it was all because of some sort of irritant in the underground parking garage here at the weston hotel on el camino real. all of those people who got sick were taken to a couple of hospitals. eight people went over to stanford medical center last night. four patients were transported to el, whyamino hospital. we have not received any update this is morning on their conditions. the palo alto fire department just calmed out to this hotel after 9:00 last night. 6911 callers reported a suspicious odor coming from that underground garage. crews moved in. they checked from the source of that irritant. they say they did find pool equipment that was stored in the extra raj or part of the garage, but none of those containers were leaking anything. firefighters say there could be any number of explanations for what made people so sick. >> there is a lot of things that could be -- obviously, and one of the
5:34 am
things that we would check. and it could have been something that was passing by the hotel and having to get caught in the garage, and we won't find the source here. >> and as firefighters handle this hazardous material situation last night, hotel guests many the in the rest of the hotel were told to take shelter just as a precaution. hazardous material crews, they then checked the entire building trying to figure out where that odor came from. again, they couldn't find the source last night. obviously, they will continue to investigate here, but they do believe whatever this irritant was in that under ground garage, it dissipated. they reopened the hotel just after midnight last night and everything operating as normal this morning. all right. alex savi whyen dge. thank. you we'll check back with you later. time is now 5:34. in richmond, a registered sex offender is now out on bail after being accused of molesting three teenagers. police say barry dugard
5:35 am
operates a group home for boys between the ages of 16 to 25. now, according to the me gann's law website, he was convicted back in 2009 of child molestation, and he served time at san quentin. >> the two victims from kennedy high school report that their guardian at their transitional home had sexually assaulted them. >> now, this is him. he is in a promotional video for the prisoner reentry website. the school district said he is not afiliated with kennedy high. students are telling ktvu he helps out with the basketball team. richmond police believe there may be more victims or alleged victims. they're asking the public to come forward if they have any information. we did reach out to mr. dug approximateard. so far, we have not heard pack from him. the new list of the east bay's biggest water guzzlers. among the violaters are bay area ceos and athletes. at the top is the ceo
5:36 am
of ark document solutions who uses 9600 gallons of water a day. he lives in diablo and has a vineyard on his property u. the second is the president of a construction firm who lives in alamo. east bay mug says he went through 8700 gallons a day but he claims he had a major water main break on his plopperty. and third, the former ceo of safeway used 7200 gallons a day. also on this new list is former golden state warrior. his home used almost 3000 gallons a day, but he tolls us here at ktvu news that he's convinced he has a major leak in his irrigation system, and he is determined to find it so that he can fix it. he took us on a tour of his property and showed us areas where he's rye -- he's tried to save water. >> way have tried to really cut back. this area is one of the main area that we offer. we went from five days a week down to two days a week. >> the san francisco general intents -- giants pitch bore has a home in
5:37 am
alamo also made the list. people with who use more than a thousand gallons of water a day. violaters have to pay a fine based on the amount of water they use. the average customer uses less than 250 gallons of water a day. time is 5:37. it was a long night for congress. just hours ago, the u.s. senate gave the final approval for a deal. one that prevents a government shut- down. it also raises our country's debt limit. the u.s. house is entering a new era. and they are electing a new speaker. our reporter live in washington d.c. with more on what is happening there today. good morning, doug. >>reporter: good morning. yeah, a very late night here for congress. the senate vote ultimately wasn't all that close. there was a lot over the new budget deal. it gives the new speaker of the house, paul ryan, a fresh start. >>reporter: they kept the lights on late on capitol hill. inside is a budget and debt
5:38 am
deal which is making its way through congress. a few hold-outs. including republican presidential candidates ted cruise and rand pallialed in vain against it. >> should we give congress more money? hell, no. congress is bad with money. they're not good with money. do not trust them with any more nonplea -- honey. >> the deal does list government spending caps allowing for domestic spending. and for he publy cans, manier money for the pentagon. the national debt already more than 18 principle. -- trillion. >> today the gavel passes to a proud son of wisconsin. the first speaker of wisconsin. >> paul ryan took over as speaker of the house. he was a reluctant recruit and bringing together the district elements of the republican caucus will not be easy.
5:39 am
getting difficult budget issues will help. >> i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling the scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan is getting off to a pretty quick start. he's spending a good portion of today doing interviews to be shown on just about every sunday morning talk show. you can think of. >> thank you, doug. and cal tran in federal court. and on highway 101. and the coyote valley band at -- in the round valley. and destroying native american archaeological sites. and the throughout the construction of the bypass. to allow them to check for damage from what they call her sacred sights. oakland police will unvail its latest. thirty-five recruits graduated from the police department academy. the police chief says he's
5:40 am
delighted about the diversity of his graduates. several of them are bilingual. languages include spanish, c street names. this morning's ceremony is at 10:00 at the oakland scottish wright center. our time is 5:40. health officials now admit they may never know where that shigella outbreak link linked to a south bay restaurant came from. the outbreak started almost three weeks ago. people became ill after eating at the marisco san juan restaurant in san jose. santa clara county health officials say they have had test results no you and say all the workers at the restaurant tested negative. expect except for one. it's believed that food handler contracted the disease after eating at the restaurant, but it's not the source. now, so far, 190 people have become ill from the shigella outbreak. three lawsuits have been filed against that restaurant. it's 5:40 right now. fliers are sparking some concern among some local cat loves.
5:41 am
coming up in 20 minutes, what antioch city officials are saying about it. >> but first, it's one of the hottest issues on next week's ballot. up next, the heated debate surrounding the plop situation. one that would put new restrictions on short-term rentals in san francisco. but. >> and we're looking at the south bay commute here. traffic is actually not too bad as you drive on 237 and you head into the valley. we'll have more traffic and wealth her we come back on mornings on 2.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. soon francisco voters will determine the faith of the hottest issue on the ballot. short-term issues in the city. ktvu has more on the heated debate from both sides of proposition, if.
5:44 am
you'll find looms and entire hows -- louses for rent. >> i understand the issue of people renting out their place. they may need to get a little extra money. >> proposition f would put more restrictions on short-term rentals, and at union square, a coalition of hotel union workers and other supporters urged voters to baubling the ballot issue measure u. in the evening at the university of san francisco lawsuit, a no on f air b and b spokesman and a yes on, if housing aadvocate debated. >> it's estimated anywhere from 2 to 4000 units have been removed. give neighbors the right to sue. >> the vast majority of the hosts in san francisco are sharing the home in which they live. they are doing it to help make ends meet, to pay their rent or pay
5:45 am
their mortgage, and to afford life in san francisco. the cost of living increases. >> prop f supporters say the measure is needed because the current law passed in february is difficult to enforce. opponents say the city should be allowed to work it out. ads are everywhere, and according to the san francisco ethics commission which posts campaign finance records, the no has raised more than $8 million to campaign against the measure. the yes has raised just short of $300,000. >> so far, i haven't really looked at it, but i do see a lot of liars. >> i am probably like many people in san francisco, my greatest fear is for some reason i have to leave my apartment. i don't know if i could live in san francisco anymore. >>reporter: that was jana reporting. and on the yes side of prop f, the senator diane feinstiin. for the no side is mayor ed lee. it could come down to who could get more people on the ballot box action. 6000 convicted drug o opened ifers around the country are spending
5:46 am
their last couple of days in federal prison. the bureau of prisons plans to release those prisoners following a decision last year to cut the sentences of drug offenders. about 80% of those being released have already moved to halfway houses. all of them will be released by tuesday. 50 of them will be let go in california. some legal experpetrators have warned the government it has done too little to help inmates successfully reintegrate back into society. it is 5:36. i just retweeted out. did you hear about -- teacher: has been talking about the crazy weather in arizona. this huge inflatable pumpkin got loose and went rolling across traffic. >> oh, no. >> nobody was hurt. be but i don't you can imagine those cars sitting there and then here comes the pump kip. >> inhave seen that a lot. >> i guess now, we have. >> check it off the list.
5:47 am
>> i am glad no bun got hurt. now look at your tweet. you're on my timeline anyway. in fact, there it is. >> good morning, everyone. we don't have nigras. we do have some slow traffic in some places. highway 4 is behind schedule. an earlier accident on westbound 4 near lth street. that's clear, but traffic is going to be slow. it was very slow from the bypass and now all those cars are heading up to concord. it's better on a friday. some people don't come or don't go to work on a friday. they work four days and those schedules. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights did go on. ten to 15-minute delay. 580 through livermore and dublin. and over the hill. and 5:47. let's go to steve. >> sal, that is a 350-pound pumpkin. >> it's a big one.
5:48 am
>> and we have clear skies here yesterday. had a little fog popping up. probably too dry of area an air mass. cool for some. windy in the hills. that will translate into a little warmer forecast for downtown and berkeley. there's still apprize. cool to mild. windy to the hills. sunny, breezy. warm for all later today. our good friend says gm. clear, cold, i like it. shout-out to beth and his staff at tears eye center. your fans are around 5:45. big shout-out to everybody. thank you to to everybody there. >> and thank you very much for that. we do have clear skies. look at this low. speaking of arizona, another
5:49 am
lope has wrapped up. >> there is another one. there it is to income until -- new mexico. there is still very active wealther. santa rosa 48. forty-nine for napa. >> palo alto checked over to 47. i think i saw 46 in woodside. fifty-two san jose. i know san ramon. forty-eight. saratoga. fifty-six. fifty-four. twenty-three. thirty-six inform reno m. 46. first snow for this year. late sunday into monday. we're okay today. we're fine on saturday. and then sunday, we will bring in that system. so warm again food. above average temperatures. clouds. a mix of lie clouds mix to roll
5:50 am
in here on sunday. could be some light rain to monday. more likely. wind will pick up along with a colder air mass. you will feel it next week. today, we will have 80s. high temperatures or 70s close tore the water looks very nice. eighty-five santa rosa. seventy-eight san mateo. redwood city speaking of. will be 80 there. so enjoy. the sun on saturday. we clouded up on sunday. bring rain in sunday night into monday. that is a cool pattern for early next week. nevada will get snow around 4500 feet. >> and that sunday, fall back. >> fall back sunday morning. late saturday, sunday morning. set your clock back one hour. that deserves. >> all right, steve. time is 5:50. are you trying to find the perfect haunted house for halloween. we're taking a tour. a scream. oh, yeah, you're going behind the scenes in 20 minutes. and are you looking for something else to do maybe this halloween
5:51 am
weekend? up next, we're going to have a look at all of the events happening right here in the bay area.
5:52 am
5:53 am
welcome back. time is 5:53. a photo popped up on social media. it showed a man ken in a black hood hanging from
5:54 am
the gallows in a yard of a homeowner. one typical reaction says racism in california. some apparently interpreted that display as the lynching of an african american man. now, baldwin says that never occurred to him. >> the last thing on my mind was anything racial. i was kind of shocked when they mentioned it. that was something that people were thinking. >> baldwin says he did get a courtesy call from the police telling him about all the complaints. baldwin removed the hood from the structure there, and he says that seems to have solved the problem u. when you think of halloween, trick or treating may come to mind. for many couples, it's the day to tie the knight. the clerk recorder's office says halloween is actually one of the busiest days. these are pictures from last year. some couples wear costumes from people officiating. the clerks get into to fun.
5:55 am
couples get the chance to pick what kind of character they want to perform their ceremony. -- ceremony. there's a lot going on this halloween weekend from halloween celebrations to costume raise, and it's not only events for kids. ktvu has a look. all hallow assever is upon us. we begin our weekend watch. the halloween hoopla is happening in san francisco. enjoy a parade, performance. the celebration will be held from 12 to 1:30. for athe adults, aaa. service is predistrict restricted to a one- way ride. day of the dead festivities going on this weekend in san jose. the day of the dead celebration will take place at st. james park on saturday from 11:00 to 7:00. the san jose museum of art is hosting festivities on saturday from #
5:56 am
1:00 to 5:00. you can enjoy live entertainment, demonstrations and crafts including sugar skulls. the museum entrance is free e. san francisco will host its grand event on monday. less spooky but very interesting. dive into the largest celebration of science in the bay area with close to a dozen events going on this weekend. from biofest, a celebration of mind. log on to bay area science -- raders herself the jets. niners are on the way. the sharks are on the road. that is your weekend watch. >> and you can find more on all of those fun weekend events that rosemary talked about by going to our website. time is 5:56. a san francisco dentist accused of smoring ling thousands of dollars of marijuana. coming up, the undercover operation that lead to his arrest. but first, it's a north bay hospital that has been closed since last year. the changes patients will see when they reopen the doors today.
5:57 am
>> good morning. we're looking at the south bay commute right now. and my mistake. in is not the south bay. let's get rid of that. traffic on the bridge does look good. but we will look at the south bay. i promise. when we come back. >> clear. cool for some. windy for others. another sunny nice warm day. changes. we'll see if those are in store for halloween or later in the weekend.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. a mystery odor leaves dozens sick. what firefighters do to find the source. >> still asking the question. will they stay or will they go? the latest on what the rader nation plans to do. >> congress is bad with money e. they're not good with money e. do not trust them with any more money. >> boy, it was a long, long night of back and forth at capitol hill. we have the latest on the budget deal. you're watching mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking
6:00 am
up with us taking up with the bay bridge. crystal clear small days i think it is going to be. steve is going to be talking about that. looks pet the i crowded actually on the bridge. s a-- sal has more on traffic. thank you for joining us for this friday morning, october 20th -- 39. >> i'm dave clark. lest check your wealther and traffic. >> looks good today. we'll have changes today. today is all right. and i'm working for that radar -- >> it will not be as nice on saturday. seventys and 80s today. a warm friday is on tap. and kind of a breeze up in the hill. that's for sure. not so bad. this will probably pick up a little later. halloween will be fine. sunday, everything will start to change. today looks good. drier air mass. i don't think we're expecting any fog. fortys. fiftys. or 60s. if not, it's on the cool side. fifty-eight. this observation.


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